The .decimal® Point Online Issues

Issue 11 - Spring/Summer 2012

In this issue:

  • Ed Montgomery
    A survivor of squamous cell carcinoma shares his story

  • Georgia Tech
    Visiting the Nuclear and Radiological Engineering Program

  • Case Studies
    Using .decimal® BolusECT® on a Chest Wall and Nose

Issue 10 - Fall/Winter 2010

In this issue:

  • M. D. Anderson Orlando
    Blazing the trail with new .decimal® BolusECT®

  • The Ideal Plan
    The many factors contributing to the ideal treatment plan

  • dotDeming
    The enduring wisdom of Dr. William Edwards Deming

Issue 9 - Spring/Summer 2009

In this issue:

  • Southeast Cancer Network
    A profile of the Southeast Cancer Network

  • q.d: Plan = Actual
    .decimal®’s q.d initiative strives for continuous improvement

  • IMRT Research
    Several research institutions are partnering with .decimal®

Issue 8 - Fall/Winter 2008

In this issue:

  • Moffitt Cancer Center
    A profile of the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute

  • ECT
    The past, present, and future of Electron Conformal Therapy

  • News
    The story behind .decimal®’s 100,000th part

Issue 7 - Spring/Summer 2008

In this issue:

    A profile of the University of Florida Proton Therapy Institute

    The benefits of Beam-by-Beam IMRT Quality Assurance

  • Research
    An overview of research initiatives supported by .decimal®

Issue 6 - Fall/Winter 2007

In this issue:

  • Medical Center of South Arkansas
    Dianna Chambers, RT (T), CMD discusses implementing .decimal®

  • Team Goshen
    A profile of The Center for Cancer Care in Goshen, Indiana

  • p.d 3.1
    .decimal®'s lastest update of p.d, the custom planning software

Issue 5 - Spring/Summer 2007

In this issue:

  • Letter from HPS
    Highlights for reimbursement using compensator-based IMRT

  • The q.d initiative
    Exploring q.d - how .decimal® delivers with precision and expediency

  • Breast IMRT
    Victoria LaCerba discusses an interesting case for IMRT delivery

Issue 4 - Fall/Winter 2006

In this issue:

  • Pediatric IMRT
    Pediatric IMRT opens the doors for important research into the minimization of dosage to children

  • Dr. Bice in San Antonio
    Dr. Willian Bice, Ph.D. discusses Solid IMRT® and its utilization in providing quality radiotherapy

  • Clinical Advisory Board
    Read about the .decimal® Clinical Advisory Board meeting, which was held in July during AAPM 2006