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Electron Aperture

.decimal® has received 510(k) clearance from the FDA to market electron apertures for use with Varian treatment machines. Electron Apertures (also known as electron cutouts) are required for the delivery of electrons. Customers will order these cutouts and receive the devices within 24-72 hours. A key advantage of utilizing .decimal® is that centers will not need to maintain an on-site mold room, which is a source of additional expenditure. Clinics can easily order Electron Apertures from .decimal® which integrate with their existing electron applicators.

Below are just some of the costs, resources, and potential hazards associated with fabricating Electron Apertures in the clinic:

  • Dedicated space for a mold creation device (styrofoam cutter)
  • Fume hood
  • Additional staffing/training needs
  • Cerrobend inventory
  • Cerrobend handling (See Material Data Safety Sheets Below)

Advantages of using .decimal®

.decimal® has assembled a team of management professionals with extensive experience in radiation therapy, including a board-certified medical physicist. The company employs more than forty-five team members, and operates 34 Mazak milling machines. Our expertise in the production of custom devices for the radiation therapy industry spans over 25 years and over 150,000 patient specific devices. This experience ensures that your parts are manufactured with precision, every time.

  • Clinic can remove block rooms thus creating space for other departmental needs
  • Ability to charge for complex treatment device per aperture used
  • Reliable, on time delivery
  • Unlimited machining capacity
  • Proven track record
  • High quality devices from an FDA compliant manufacturer

Clinical Publications

How .decimal® Electron Apertures Work:

How .decimal® Compensators Work

Material Safety Data Sheets: Copper

Hazards of fabricating Electron Apertures in the clinic:

  • Material Safety Data Sheets: Cerrobend
  • Material Safety Data Sheets: Cadmium
  • Material Safety Data Sheets: Lead