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.decimal® is a leading outsourced manufacturer for Proton Therapy facilities worldwide. We produce the range compensator and aperture required for the delivery of protons within a 24-72 hour turnaround time, based on your needs. Another advantage of utilizing .decimal® is that Proton Therapy centers will not need to maintain an on-site manufacturing facility, which can lead to costs and additional resources.

These include:

  • Limited machining capacity
  • Downtime for repairs and maintenance
  • Additional staffing needs
  • Raw material inventory and handling

.decimal® has assembled a team of management professionals with long-term experience in radiation therapy, including a board-certified medical physicists. Our facility is staffed with more than 40 employees, and with more than 30 Mazak milling machines, our capacity is unlimited. Our expertise in the production of custom devices for the radiation therapy industry over more than 20 years ensures that your parts are manufactured correctly, every time.

Advantages of using.decimal®

  • Low up-front capital expense
  • Reliable, on time delivery
  • Proven track record
  • Unlimited machining capacity
  • High quality devices


Open For Business - ProCure Proton Therapy Center -published fall/winter 2009

Positive Change-Clinical Profile -published spring/summer 2008


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